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Dental Summit 2016 | April 23, 2019

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The Benefits of Good Oral Health

The Benefits of Good Oral Health
  • On October 27, 2018

Most parents teach their children good oral health such as the correct brushing and flossing techniques. Despite our best efforts though, getting them to do this every day by themselves can be a little challenging. My mother used to say to me ‘brush your teeth or they’ll turn green’ which worked for me, but unfortunately doesn’t work for my kids. I have to resort to making oral health a game with a weekly reward system! Braces and other orthodontic treatments should be avoided if possible, and the best way to do this is by developing good oral health habits.

The most vital aspect of developing good oral health habits with your children is that these habits fuse into adolescence and adulthood. Even if your children’s permanent teeth haven’t erupted yet, it’s still essential that they maintain good oral hygiene for a range of reasons. Today we’re going to offer some insight by discussing the many benefits of good oral health (and maybe some motivation for your kids to brush their teeth!)

Good oral health habits

Apart from brushing and flossing, you might be wondering what else constitutes ‘good oral health?’ Oral health is the gateway (literally) to overall general health by preventing plaque and tooth decay and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Here are the best ways to maintain good oral health for you and your family:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Floss your teeth daily using a range of different (but gentle) motions
  • Maintaining a healthy diet, including fruit and vegetables which are good for your teeth
  • Wait at least half an hour before brushing your teeth after eating
  • Replace your toothbrush every three months
  • Use an alcohol-free mouthwash after brushing
  • Regular dentist visits
  • Don’t smoke

Benefits of good oral health

The following lists the top benefits of maintaining good oral health:

Healthier gums and teeth

Your gums are the foundation for your teeth, so healthy gums are essential in preventing bacterial growth which can cause infections and chronic diseases (and even tooth loss). Good oral health also assists in preventing cavities along with plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth, so use a soft bristled tooth brush and the correct brushing technique! The better shape your gums and teeth are in, the less you’ll need to pay for expensive dental repairs.

Good physical health

It’s widely known that gum inflammation and gum disease can spread bacteria through the bloodstream to other areas of your body. When your gums are inflamed, they typically bleed which allows this bacterium to enter the bloodstream. This bacterium has been linked to other life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, a healthy mouth also reduces the risks of oral cancers.

Healthier pregnancies

A range of studies have revealed that there is a link between good oral hygiene and healthy pregnancies. Oral infections and gum diseases during pregnancy can lead to problems such as low weight babies, pre-mature births, abnormalities, and birth defects. Consequently, maintaining good oral health including regular dentist check-ups are paramount when pregnant.

Fresh breath

Maintaining good oral health ensures your mouth stays clean and fresh and you regularly remove the germs that cause bad breath. Bad breath is generally indicative of infections or halitosis, so you should consult your dentist if you suspect that you have chronic bad breath. Your partner will thank you for it later!

Confident smile

Those who practise good oral health are proud and confident to show off their bright smile. They generally have better self-esteem and a better body image which positively influences other areas of their life. Regular dentist visits with teeth cleaning to remove any stains is the best way to maintain a healthy and confident smile.

Maintaining good oral health habits is the best way to maintain your overall general health and keep chronic disease and other health issues at bay. Developing these habits from an early age will save a lot of time and money which will otherwise be spent on dentist visits and medications.

If you have any further questions about oral health or you’d like to consult an orthodontist about any oral health issues, contact the team at Clear Smile Orthodontics on the Gold Coast by phoning 07 5593 3733.

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