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Dental Summit 2016 | May 25, 2019

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Testofen for Weight Loss Benefit Claims

Testofen for Weight Loss Benefit Claims

Testofen for weight loss may be a strange concept. More so when you realize the fact that it’s marketed as a libido enhancer to improve both testosterone and virility. Made of fenugreek, the plant is modified by extracting all of its beneficial chemicals. Studies involving animals and humans on the ingredient has been performed to learn about its effectiveness and safety. With favorable results, it’s no wonder that fenugreek becomes one of the most common ingredients in supplements.

Dr. Paul Clayton points out that fenugreek works quite like steroid hormones. This is the primary reason why the plant has rosen as one of the best enhancer to help men who are over their 40s.The older a man gets, the lower their testosterone will be. While this deteriorating condition is considered common, being not as sexually healthy as they once were could really take a toll on them. Many of them turn to medications, while others opt for natural supplement.

Testofen becomes one of the most popular male enhancement pill for a lot of different reasons. One of them is undoubtedly the number of healthy, and natural ingredients in its blend. Not only does it have the ability to increase their overall sexual performance, it also does not have a trace of chemical or additives that can be dangerous to their health. Here, in this article, we will discuss its ingredients, effectiveness, and whether or not there is a grain of truth in its Testofen for weight loss claims.

How does Testofen work?

Fenugreek contains a lot of healthy compounds, phytochemicals and saponins are among the few. When both of these compounds are extracted from the plants, they have more beneficial effects than otherwise. Saponins, for instance. This compound has the incredible ability of improving immune system, providing healthy antioxidants, and strengthening your bones. On top of it, steroidal saponins found in the body may also be used to create steroids which will then eventually increase testosterone levels.

Another use of Testofen is undoubtedly aiding in strength training. This is also the reason why experts strongly advise those who take Testofen to exercise on a regular basis. Not only does it optimize your vitality, it also helps maximize your sexual desire and also libido. With increasing testosterone levels, the body will also benefit from the free testosteron as it can be used for a lot of different purposes.

Unique in nature, the compounds found in this incredible plant are powerful to say the least. Combined with other ingredients in Testofen, the blend is absolutely potent and effective in optimizing men’s sexual health. Curious about the advantages this supplement has to offer? We have compiled the advantages and disadvantages found in Testofen.

What are the ingredients and benefits?

Testofen claims it has the ability to aid in muscle growth, increase sexual drive, and also greatly improve Testosterone levels in men. With ingredients such as Trigonelline, Trigoneoside, Galactomannan and 4-hydroxyisoleucine, the blend is said to be an incredibly effective male enhancement option. However, it’s worth noting that the brand has been embroiled in lawsuits because it has not been effectively and scienfitifically proven.

The disadvantage of Testofen  is undoubtedly its nonexistent guarantee that it will be a safe and effective alternative. Lawsuits against the manufacturer have been going on for as long as its existence in the industry. When it comes to reviews, the mixed reviews further make it difficult for prospective consumer to make a decision. Those who have given it a try either notice small changes, or no changes altogether. With these negative reviews, it’s efficiency calls for further inspection.

Is there side effects?

So far, there is no information on the side effects of Testofen. From our research, the only complaints related to this supplement is the fact that it is far from effective. Majority of consumers note that there is simply zero effects, even after months of use and laboratory check-ups. No optimized sexual health, and no changes in Testosterone levels shown in blood tests. With so many negative reviews about tis efficiency, perhaps the worst disadvantage and side effect of this supplement is the fact that it does not work.

The average consensus also mention about the manufacturer’s no return policy. and no money back guarantee. Hence the reason why Testofen has been embroiled in lawsuits. With so many health claims, it’s surprising to find out Testofen hasn’t exactly been proven of its claims yet. While all of these may have made you change your mind about giving it a try, you may wonder about one of its claims. How about its Testofen for weight loss claims? Is it just another of its marketing ploy?

Weight loss benefit claims

Testofen has so many claimed benefits. From how it’s supposedly capable of treating numerous male sexual issues, to weight loss. If you are wondering what the correlation between the two is, we don’t blame you. It seems like a stretch, but optimizing sexual health as well as aiding weight loss are perhaps one of the most random combination. If you are looking for reasons as to what truly backs up its claims, the key is in its claims surround improved testosterone production.

Testofen fenugreek extract comprises of compounds that can effectively increase the level of testosterone in men. Testosterone is the hormone that is found to be useful in decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass. Saying it aids in weight loss seems like a false claim, with decreased fat accumulation and increased muscle growth, Testofen may make you look lean. However, you may not necessarily lost weight as you add muscles along the process.

With its increased testosterone levels, fat loss may follow. But not necessarily weight loss, especially when you follow its suggestion to add strength training into your regimen. With a spike in energy levels, you may also be more focus with your workout. This also leads to fat loss as you will burn fat as you go along. Not only fat loss, the supplement is also incredibly useful for its ability to improve cholesterol and blood glucose levels. So are you still interested in trying Testofen for weight loss?

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