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Dental Summit 2016 | March 25, 2019

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Slowly Get Rid Of Medical Addiction With Rebound App

Slowly Get Rid Of Medical Addiction With Rebound App
  • On September 2, 2017

What are the reasons for people to rely on Rebound app? This seems to be the first question popping up in your mind and you need to get some results involved. It is an innovative app, still in process, but will help you to get rid of medical dependency or to prevent you from entering this realm of life on the first place. The effect of rebound app can be seen on your face. It is a must-have for those, who need help with tapering process. You can save your progress report in PDF format with this app and send it back to doctors at a regular interval.

Avoid relying on high risk medicines:

There are some unfortunate instances when you have to take help of high-risk medicines to avoid being a victim of serious illness. Doctors are well-aware of the right dosage and will examine your body to know how much you can take. That’ why, they maintain a dosage for your use. But some patients are too afraid to stop medicine as they fear of the excruciating pain or illness to regrow. That leads them to have this medicine for a long time, finally giving rise to dependency. If you are into one such situation and need to get rid of it, then Rebound app is best. You can keep a track of your body and create your personalized tapering sheet to follow.

This app is simple to use:

Once you have made an initial donation, you will be one of the first few users to get this app, feature-loaded as per your customization. Through this app, you can create a step down program and can easily taper off the medicine from your life. This will eventually be a bit tough for you to handle, but this app will make this procedure easier. It will customize the rebound effect as per your choice and requirements. Visit to get notified when the app is out.

 Please sign up to be notified at and find them on facebook: Reboundx.

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