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Safe Somatropin Dosage – Beneficial For People with Growth Problems

Safe Somatropin Dosage – Beneficial For People with Growth Problems
  • On September 9, 2017

Basically, Somatropin is defined as a growth hormone created by the pituitary gland, especially the anterior pituitary.  It is usually given to children having growth deficiency and also to adults having problems like turner syndrome and absence of sufficient level of growth hormones in their body.

In What Cases It Can Be Used?

Mainly, Somatropin is used for curing growth deficiency but it can also be used in cases like:

  • Any intestinal disorder
  • Weight loss or any wasting related to HIV

It is an undeniable fact that somatropin dosage are useful in many ways but it will be more effective if it is used after taking  proper advice from a reputed physician and following the disclaimers provided.

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Benefits For Children, Bodybuilding and Anti-ageing

It is mostly seen that lack of growth hormones is found among children. Some conditions for lack of growth hormones are as follows for which somatropin is beneficial:

  • Turner syndrome
  • Noonan syndrome
  • AIDS patient dealing with weight loss
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • Chronic kidney failure

Coming to body building, Initial dosage of 0.04 mg/KG daily is given which can extend to 0.16 mg/KG daily. For HGH therapies which are non-weight based dosage range from 0.15 to 0.3 mg every day.

In case of short bowel syndrome treatment, an important thing to be kept in mind is that whether the person is receiving nutritional support through various means.

There is a general notion that sematropin is used for growth problems among children only which is not the case. It can be also used by adults having deficient growth hormones.

  • The regular dose depends on what treatment a person is undergoing
  • It is basically injected under the skin or into a muscle.
  • Self-Injecting without knowing how to use it is a big no.
  • Shaking the medicine bottle may ruin it.
  • The syringe and the needle should be a disposed after it is used once.
  • It is necessary that the growth process needs to be tested often for which blood test is necessary.
  • People dealing with short bowel syndrome should follow the prescribed diet recommended by the physician or the nutritionist.


Due to many conditions like daily routine habits, less physical activity and insufficient diet existing among people leads to deficient growth hormones mainly among children. For this problem, somatropin is considered as the best medication available for this deficiency.

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