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Is Your Loved Battling Alcoholism? Some Signs to Watch Out For

Is Your Loved Battling Alcoholism? Some Signs to Watch Out For
  • On August 8, 2018

Drinking is often a common occurrence whether it is at a social occasion, enjoying with a meal, or relaxing at home. Because drinking is a part of many cultures and considered common in moderation, some drinkers find themselves compelled to drink, drink more or more often than they should, or let alcohol affect their lives in negative ways. If this becomes the situation with your loved one, there is a possibility that they are battling with alcoholism. If your loved one is exhibiting some of the signs or symptoms listed below, you should help them seek out alcohol detox in Lancaster County.

Your Loved One Drinks to Deal With Emotions

Does your loved one use alcohol as a way to cope when they are feeling, stressed, depressed, or anxious? Addictions can easily start with substances used to deal with emotional issues instead of utilizing healthy coping mechanisms. If your loved one is dealing with alcoholism, they may consistently run to alcohol whenever they are having a bad day. This can make them dependent on alcohol to wipe away emotions they don’t want to face.

They Drink Alone

Typically drinking is done in a social environment or in a celebratory atmosphere. While having an occasional glass of wine or beer to relax by yourself is relatively normal, drinking large amounts by yourself is often a sign that there may be an addiction. As an addiction worsen, your loved one will likely avoid family and friends when they are drinking because they know they are drinking more than they should and don’t want to face judgment from those who may be concerned with their well-being.

They Drink Until They Don’t Remember

Blackouts are common with someone struggling with alcoholism. This lack of memory can often cause hard feelings or feelings of remorse which can cause an alcoholic to then drink more to deal with the embarrassment. If your loved one gets intoxicated at parties or events, or even drinks so much at home that they have a poor recollection of the events that occurred after they had been drinking, they are getting to a point where they can no longer control the amount of alcohol they take in and are likely drinking compulsively.

Their Life Has Been Negatively Affected by Drinking

When struggling with alcoholism, your loved one may have suffered life consequences as a result of drinking. This can be legal problems such as arrests for driving while under the influence or public intoxication. They also may struggle at work with repeated absences, fatigue, hangovers during work, or suffering in their job performance. Once the addiction gets to this point, it can cause issues that can affect their life severely.

Don’t let your loved one’s struggles with alcohol destroy their life. Help them seek treatment at an alcohol detox in Lancaster County to beat their addiction, prevent relapse, and help them get their life back on track.

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