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Dental Summit 2016 | March 25, 2019

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How Lumineers are Different from Veneers?

How Lumineers are Different from Veneers?
Rachael T. Campbell

People know, the beauty of their face is completely based upon their face features. So, it is necessary for you to take care of your face features perfectly. These days, most of the people are worried about your misaligned, crooked, damage, stained or missing teeth. If you have also an issue regarding your teeth and you need to take emergency services, then, without wasting your time, visit the Emergency Dentist in Philadelphia. At Philadelphia, highly qualified and talented dentists provide you finest quality cosmetic dentistry without pinching your pockets.

On the other hand, these days, there are several treatments available which gives you instant relief from your pain. If you are confronting problem due to your misaligned teeth, then lumineers and the veneers are the perfect solution for you. This is an ultimate treatment which changes your dental structure completely. You don’t have need to pull or replace your all teeth with a perfect set of teeth. These are very easy as well as less painful ways to deal with such dental issues.

Lumineers can make your teeth greatly different than their actual form. Basically the veneers are supposed to be unnoticed however if the treatment is not done efficiently, these may be apparent. If you are consulting an experienced cosmetic dentist, better results may be gained from the treatment. Here is a comparison between the two Lumineers vs Veneers.

Similarities in Lumineers and veneers

The lumineers and veneers both are made by using the best quality porcelain. Both are available in a cap shape structure as per the size of the patient teeth. These are easily placed over the tooth for covering a crooked tooth, changing the color of a discolored tooth or lengthen the tooth. These treatments are provided by the experienced cosmetic dentist who has complete knowledge about these procedures.

Relying upon the situation of the teeth, the number of teeth that need lumineers or veneers differs. If only one tooth has an imperfection, a lumineer will be all that is required. But if all the teeth need a facelift, you will have to get any of these solutions for all.

Different between Lumineers and veneers

Veneers are eternally attached with the natural tooth of the patient however the removal of some thickness of the natural tooth may be needed to make space for the fixture. Their shape can be modified to make sure that the predictable outcomes are gained.

On the other hand, lumineers do not need making space for them as these are very slight. These are suggested for fixing minor cosmetic dental issues. Also these are less expensive than the porcelain veneers as they need less time as well as effort for fitting. Veneers are costlier as these give permanent solution to the cosmetic dental problems.

Lumineers vs veneers

After make a final decision that what type of treatment to take, you should think about the necessary points like your budget, the intensity of the problem, face expressions, comfort, etc.

So, without wasting your time, schedule your appointment with the Best Dentist in Philadelphia. At this place, knowledgeable as well as well-qualified dentists provide you effective treatments as per your condition.

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