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Five Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Five Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain
  • On December 13, 2017

Shoulder joints have the most complex features in a human body. It is assigned to providing you with both the flexibility to move your arm at 360 degrees and as well the stability that enables all the bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles that make the shoulder to operate together.

With all these parts making up a human shoulder, it’s a common thing to experience loss of mobility or pain due to injury. If you are feeling pain in the shoulder, it’s advisable to try the exercises to help you relieve the pain. Remember to seek medical advice from your doctor if the shoulder pain is not relieved by massaging, elevation and some days of rest. Here are some of the exercises to practice. Also, you can browse this site for more.

  1. Arm vs. chest stretch

Hold the right arm out in front while keeping it close to your waist. Reach the left hand behind the elbow, pulling the right arm towards the left side and across your chest. Should you experience some pain in the shoulder, consider lowering the arm until the pain diminishes. The aim is to be in a position to pull your right hand across the chest without feeling any discomfort. Hold for almost 30 seconds to one minute then relax while doing the same with the left arm. Try to repeat it three to five times.

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  1. Neck release

Sit upright and then gently place your chin towards the chest until you can feel the stretch at the back of the neck. Lean your head towards the left side to stretch the right shoulder. Do the opposite by tilting your head towards the right to stretch the left shoulder. Hold these stretches for one minute in either way and breathe deeply as you focus on relaxing. Try this 3-5 times. To enhance this stretch, try to elevate your arm while pulling it across the chest until it reaches the height of the shoulder.

  1. Chest expansion

You need to put an exercise band, strap, rope, or some tie behind the back and hold it with both hands. At the time you are holding the strap, pull your shoulder blades towards each other and slowly lift the chin to the ceiling. Breathe intensely for at least 10 -15 seconds and release. Do this 3-5 times.

  1. Seated twist

Sit up straight in a chair with the knees together. Twist the torso to the right, placing the left arm on the outside of the right thigh. Then, relax your shoulders while looking to the right, gently pushing on the right. Breathe deeply for 15 seconds and release. To get good results, repeat with the left side.

  1. The 90, 90 shoulder stretch

Here, you need to stand in the doorway holding hands up so that your elbow is at 90-degree angle and the arm forms 90-degree angles to the body at your shoulder. Place each arm on one side of the door-frame placing one leg forward while standing up straight aligning the neck with your spine. Try to lean forward bracing yourself against the door-frame. Try holding the stretch for 30 seconds. Then, repeat 2-3 times to see the desired results.

These exercises should help you with shoulder pain so ensure you try some of them. Consult your doctor if the pain persists.

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