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FAQ for Reandron-1000

FAQ for Reandron-1000
  • On September 17, 2017

We always have questions about steroid recommendations and we need information to know more about our desired products. We have added some of the important questions for you regarding Reandron-1000, so that you know it better than you did before.

  1. What is Reandron 1000?

The most important part of the FAQ for Reandron-1000 is to know what is drug is about. Reandron 1000 is a synthetic drug that is created in laboratories. It helps users mimic the effects of testosterone. It is commonly used in Australia, UK and New Zealand. It is one of the many testosterone undeconate.

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  1. How to purchase it online?

You first need to know which name it is sold as in your country. There are various names depending of manufactures in different geographical regions. For example, Anadriol, Nebido, Testosterone undecanoate or Testosterone undecylate, are different names to recognize the drug. The drug is sold by many global vendors and sellers. The price depends on where you buy it from. You can order it at $142 from the Chemist Warehouse in Australia. The drug is identified by the molecular formula of C30H48O3. Most drugs contain some ratio of similar chemical, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, while others have nitrogen.

  1. How does it work?

Reandron 1000 is solution that you need to inject. Buying the drug from the underground labs might be different with regard to the milligram strength and solution volume. As per the data sheet provided by MedSafe in New Zealand, it is a form of testosterone undecanoate and little stronger than testosterone. The solution offers 250 mg of testosterone undecanoate per milliliter.

In the medical situations, the drug is designed for improving development and maintenance of male sex characteristics. The drug is commonly used in medical scenarios for testosterone replacement therapy for men and is diagnosed with hypogonadism or low levels of testosterone.

Synthetic testosterone comes in names and those changes as per the esters. For instance, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone undecanoate and Testosterone propionate, are some of the many names. Each of them has an influence over the half-life of testosterone base that it is attached to.


  1. What are the Dosage Recommendations?

The drug labels and ingredients found in reputed and genuine testosterone undecanoate often differ by containing different milligram strength than a product that has been produced or procured by underground labs and black-marker resources.

One must be aware of the dangers related to androgenic steroids from the black-market sources. People have to take care of the milligram strength, false labels, expiry dare, ingredients, and more.

When someone accesses dosage recommendation, they should turn to suggestions. The ones for this drug must also be followed as per how people have used it and found the results like. The suggestions differ as per the frequency of usage and milligram strength. It can be used individually or combined with other drugs, and designed for reducing the potential for side effects. These sums up the basic FAQ for Reandron-1000 and it is good to know more before proceeding further.

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