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Dianabol Stacks and Cycles for Amazing Results

Dianabol Stacks and Cycles for Amazing Results
  • On September 11, 2017

A good many people in the sporting field are using steroids for some kind of result. This could be improving the strength, size or stamina. But not many of them use the steroid correctly and end up with side effects. It would be a good idea before embarking on a particular steroid, people gather as much information as possible and understand the consequences. Then it would make sense for them when the end result is near. Dianabol is a steroid which caught the attention of many people for it can give weight gain via muscle development and add strength. It can give good results as a standalone drug, however, when mixed with other drugs, the results could be amazing and extraordinary.

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Dianabol Uses

Methandienone or methandrostenolone is the chemical compound that is found in Dianabol tablets. This is an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid and a 17-alpha methylated derivative of the hormone Testosterone. Primarily it was used in a medical condition known as Hypogonadism but was discontinued for better drugs. In the 1950s, the Soviet and East German athletes were using this drug during the Olympics and dominated the sports. It was introduced in the US team during the 1960 Olympic games and a stiff competition resulted but later the drug was banned in competitive sports. Weight gain occurs due to the fact that drug binds to the Androgen Receptors in the bod and increases the protein synthesis and glycogenolysis. The end result in rapid muscle growth in a short period of time. The question of como tomar dianabol oral depends on a lot of factors like how much weight gain is expected, the primary purpose and how many stacks and cycles one can withstand.

Effective Stacking

The drug cannot make wonders if one solely depends on the drug alone to give results. It should be noted that a good diet rich in carbohydrates and protein and a good exercise regime be followed while taking steroids. Then only the results become much better and when stacked with other steroids or drugs, spectacular results can be expected. A cycle consists of 30mg Dianabol daily for a 6-8-week period. This could result in a 15-20 lb weight gain for the user. Other variations could be tried for other cycles which may include Trenbolone, Testosterone and Proviron. These stacks can speed up the muscle building faster and also can provide additional weight gains. One can have 20-30 lbs of gain with these stacks.

Safety Issues

While taking steroids, one should be watching out for side effects. With this drug, one can expect gynecomastia(enlargement of thebreast) and testicular atrophy in men on the serious side. Other common effects like aggression, hair loss, increase in bad cholesterol, mood changes, etc can also occur. By taking anti-aromatase drugs like Clomiphene, one can control the gynecomastia issue. Testosterone can limit the testicular atrophy issue. The question comotomar Dianabol oral must have been clear to everyone now. As one completes a cycle with Dianabol, a sufficient time away from the drug should be given so as to wean away the effects of the drug. During this time, Clenbuterol or HCG may be taken to retain the lean muscle.

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