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Dental Summit 2016 | March 25, 2019

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Dental Implants – A Long Term Solution

Dental Implants – A Long Term Solution
  • On August 30, 2018

Do you want to get the long term solution for the missing teeth? Dental implant is the long term solution for the missing teeth just like the natural teeth it is imbedded in the jawbone of a person. The best thing about them is that it does not develop cavities and it can last lifetime. The natural looking dentures and the crowns are attached to form the system of tooth replacement. Unlike the removable dentures and the fixed bridges, the implants will not even affect the neighbouring teeth for which the patients are really tensed about. It is also not painful at all.

Dental implants in Hyderabad are done by the trained surgeons and these implants are made of the titanium alloys and titanium. This metal has one unique quality i.e. which fuses directly to the bone through osseo-integration, the name of the process. It is not easy as there is not any shortcut to this and it takes around some months after the dental implant is done. It is because of this process there is no noise like dentures which is really embarrassing. It is really important to make your dental implant successful as it will maximize its contact with the surface. It is usually done in two ways: with microscopically altering and roughening the surface or by providing the spiralling shape to the implant. The dental implants are painless and usually the patients have little discomfort after the implant. In the jawbone, dental implants are placed with the surgery where they will serve as the roots of the teeth which are missing.

When The Dental Implants Are Done?

You must get done the implants and will be right for your only when you are having the following issues:-

  • When you have more than one missing teeth or you are having a jawbone which has reached its full growth.
  • You must have healthy tissues (oral) so that it is possible to get done the dental implants or you have the adequate bone for securing the implants.
  • If you are not able to wear the dentures and most importantly, if you want to improve and make your speech better.
  • When the health conditions are not good this may affect the healing of the bone. It is also important for the patient to commit some months to this process.

A cut is made by the oral surgeon for opening your gum and for exposing your bone. The dental implant surgery in Hyderabad is done by the professionals who lead to less risk and no pain. After the treatment, there may be swelling of your face and gums, little pain at the implant side or there may be minor bleeding. The intake of soft food is required till the recovery and the healing is done. So, you should only opt for the dental implant when you are able to commit for several months. Thus, you must get done the dental implant by the renowned and professional oral surgeon.

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