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7 Quick Tips on How To Sustain A Successful Cancer Fundraising

7 Quick Tips on How To Sustain A Successful Cancer Fundraising
  • On August 30, 2018

Cancer is one of the the deadliest diseases in the world. But now we know that with proper treatment and healthcare, cancer is beatable.  Management of cancer involves surgery, chemotherapy, rehabilitation, post-treatment healthcare, medicines, professional oncologists, trained teams etc. Colossal amount of funding is required to manage all of these, which most of us cannot afford. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, then instead of draining your life savings, you should start a crowdfunding for cancer treatment today. Impact Guru gives you 7 tips on how to initiate and manage a successful crowdfunding to fund your cancer treatment:

  1. Create a powerful story

The aim of fundraising is to move the crowd. So create an account which is legitimate yet compelling. Be direct and concise. Be clear about what you want and how fast you want it. Start with a headline like “Save this child’s life from brain cancer,” or “Help her through her chemo”. When your campaign is meaningful and specific, it catches the attention of the donors drastically.

2. Appreciate the donors and earn their trust

Campaigners have to be very careful about their approach to the donors. You have to treat them like a hero who can rescue you from the misfortune that has befallen you. You must address how, wonderful, generous, and effective the donor is. Always provide verifiable details, documents, contact numbers which they can reach to cross-check. Lack of trust is a major reason why donors in India sometimes refrain from donating to cancer crowdfunding.

  1. Use images of the patient as part of your story

A picture is worth a thousand words. Images affect and influence human minds unimaginably. Use images of the patient, the hospital in which he or she is admitted, the prescriptions, other documents to reach out to the hearts of the donors.

  1. Use social media

The power and role of social media in our lives is unavoidable. Start sharing your campaign on every social media platform. Mention explicitly that you need money for medical treatment. Ask your friends and peers to share the campaign webpage even if they can’t donate.

  1. Use a platform which specialises in medical crowdfunding

There are numerous online crowdfunding platforms in India. But when it comes to choosing one of them, you have to be very wise and clear about your needs. Only platforms like Impact Guru with a long history of successful medical crowdfunding can arrange for a viable cancer crowdfunding. They can also arrange for emergency fundraising to fund medical emergencies.

  1. Understand the donor demographic

Donors have patterns and systems which seldom fail. Understanding these patterns helps improving the chances of attracting donors. Collecting data, then dividing them into categories and then approaching every category with customized mails, texts will attract their attention unfailingly. Such categorization ensures that the resources are being used on the right donors at the right time.

  1. Remember the donors

Cancer is a long-course treatment, so you need to keep the donors around for a sustained funding source. Show your gratitude and appreciate your donors by simple thank you notes. Keep them updated about the patient, let them know the impact they have created and that their money has been put to good use.

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